Exhibition Stands

How to make your exhibition stand out

It is hard work creating a fantastic exhibition stand, so it is important to make sure that as many people as possible head your way and look at the stand. Creating interaction on your stand with your potential clients ensures they stay with you longer and start to engage with your team and hopeful result in increased sales.

It is important to prepare before the actual event by sending out invites in advance, promoting it through social channels as much as possible and booking in appointments to guarantee a chat with the most important prospects. Spreading the word in this way should increase footfall to the event and clients will be able to meet face to face with the team and enjoy a day out at the exhibition.

Businesses need to be increasingly creative when it comes to ideas for exhibitions. Creating an experience that will draw people over to your stand is essential and can vary from eye-catching displays to the opportunity to test out new products.

Once you have succeeded in getting someone to come over to your stand, you need to engage with them instantly. Games and competitions can be used to engage with visitors in a fun and informal way and hopefully turn a visitor into a client. You can offer prizes with a mix of small and medium prizes from branded promotional merchandise for example branded notepads, sweets and more.

It is important not to forget your social media while you are at the event itself. Create a hashtag and keep tagging other people at the event. Have someone from your team on social media watch for the day to connect with other people posting about the event.

To make the visitors to your stand feel welcome it is a good idea to offer refreshments. Set yourself up with appliance and fridge hire and make sure you can offer your visitors beverages and nibbles, which promise to keep them a little longer and almost always leads to more engagement. You could also create a place to relax by building a lounge area complete with beanbags and soft furnishings.

If you really want to draw the eye and get people over to your stand, say goodbye to your typical business expo stand and instead create a theme that evokes your brand’s ethos. For example, if your company produces kitchen units and appliances, build a kitchen on your stand so that clients can visualise the products clearly.

Finally, choose the right people to represent your brand at an exhibition as this is crucial to its success. Think about your exhibition goals and only bring the team members who you are sure will bring the most value to your experience and who have a proven track record in sales.