Creating the right display at an exhibition

Exhibitions can be a great place to advertise your business. There are hundreds of exhibitions that go on all over the UK throughout the year – you just need to find the one that is right for you.

Sometimes the cost of having a stand at an exhibition can be quite costly, but you can also make a lot of sales and some good contacts at places like these.

It is vital that your exhibition display looks ok to give a great first impression. When preparing for an exhibition be sure to check all of your marketing items and material ideally at least a week before you go, this way it gives you time to order replacements if needed.  When setting up your stand you need to ensure that it looks professional. If you are going to be doing a number of these types of events then you may wish to invest in your own equipment such as exhibition stands, but if it is only going to be occasionally, then you may want to rent them instead. Always make sure that you use the right sort of stands for the displays as if they are heavy they may need a specialist stand.  

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