Should you advertise at a trade show?

Trade shows can be a great form of advertising for many businesses. Many industries have trade shows and you may have the option to book a place to allow you to advertise. Some trade shows can be quite expensive to book a stand, in which case you need to weigh up the cost compared to the business you may get. This can be hard as sometimes you may not get many sales at the actually show but instead will get them afterwards.

When setting up your stand, you need to make sure that it looks professional and that you have some good examples of what you do on display. First impressions mean a lot so be sure to make sure that any advertising material you use such as stands and leaflets have been professionally printed. You may only get the chance to make a good impression once!

You may need to have additional people to help you out at the trade show as you don’t want people to have to wait around to chat to you. If you cannot have a working example of your work then a video playing showing what your product or service is a great way to advertise.

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